Lonely. That’s how many people feel often. Perhaps this is also the reason why social media sites became popular—to take people out of their loneliness. Now the lonely ones have an outlet or venue to interact with old friends and even meet new ones.  And socializing is not limited to chatting or knowing the personal updates of friends. Social media, particularly Facebook also allows sharing of interests or games and one particular app that’s popular in Facebook does this, the Heart of Vegas Slots.

Color, Vibrancy, Excitement and More

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Hearts of Vegas slots is a social casino app, created no less than the top-rated games maker, Aristocrat Technologies.  It boasts of the best games especially slots. But it is no ordinary slots games. The app, after all boasts of top-quality graphics and sounds. Actually, everything about the app is of top-quality.

Why else would some five million and probably more keep on playing Hearts of Vegas, if not for its superb features? Of course, it’s a big plus that we’ve found this amazing heart of beg

The Lonely Hearts Club is NOT Located in Las Vegas

interactive gameplay and awesome bonusesThere is nothing lonely about the Heart of Vegas slots actually. Only lonely people…. and actually come to think of it these people were in a club!

Playing Heart of Vegas Slots is in no way related to the Lonely hearts club – although it is rather ironic that Heart of Vegas is a social casino app that requires no social skills what-so-ever.

In fact, being a social app, one can find more people to interact with when they want to play HOV. There are various groups in Facebook, which are dedicated to HOV. These are Hearts of Vegas lovers who enjoy grouping together because of the games. – This is actually the key to unlimited Heart of Vegas Free Coins  – a method you can learn more about by following the link

Socialise with Facebook and Heart of Vegas

Loneliness Shmonliness

Access Heart of Vegas on Facebook – because then it is something to be shared with existing friends. For existing Facebook users, have you received any invitation from friends to try HOV? Do not ignore these invitations. These friends of yours are sharing what makes them happy. Maybe in the hope of lifting the spirits up of their friends.


Some Word of Caution

heart of vegas slots app is addictiveNow if you have tried Heart of Vegas slots, then maybe you probably know the warning we are about to give you. But if not, and maybe you are unsure of what we want to warn you about, here is a not-so-well-kept secret: Heart of Vegas is addictive!

When we say, addicting, we mean that it’s hard to put down or turn off your device when playing HOV. There are different feedback or responses about the app such as its highly entertaining games, the high excitement, and thrill one feels when playing. All these remarks point to a single thing: one doesn’t feel lonely or sad with Heart of Vegas!

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